Our Services

Social Work, Counselling and Support Groups

Social work is a profession that helps individuals, families, groups and communities modify their behaviours, emotions, attitudes, relationships and social conditions to restore and/or enhance their capacity to meet their personal and social needs.  Social workers assist people with problems while helping them identify and use their strengths to deal with situations.  They also help their clients negotiate situations in the environment that can contribute to stress.

Counselling is a professional service that supports people to develop better understanding of themselves and others, address life difficulties and make changes they want in their lives.  Counsellors draw on a wide range of therapy interventions, and are highly skilled in working across the spectrum of life difficulties.  We offer six, one hour, sessions to our clients who enrol for counselling.  You can call us or come in to see us to refer your self, or you could be referred by another agency, like your local GP.

Support groups bring together people facing the same issues.  Members of support groups often share experiences and advice.  It can be helpful just getting to talk with other people who are in the same situation.  A support group can help you cope better and feel less isolated as you make connections with others facing similar challenges.  We hold support groups for people experiencing depression every week on a Friday.  Contact us to list your interest and our facilitator will give you call. 

Some issues we can help with

We recognise that sometimes people may need extra help with personal or family issues.  Our professional staff can help you when you are facing difficulties and unexpected change in your life. Our consellors and social workers will listen to you, give you support and help you work out your options.

This may be when:

  • You are experiencing conflict with other family members
  • You are experiencing domestic or family violence
  • You or someone in your family has a significant health problem
  • Someone close to you has died
  • You have just lost your job
  • You care for someone with a significant health or disability
  • You have a financial crisis
  • You have become a parent
  • You are recently divorced or seperated
  • You share the care of your children with your ex partner
  • You are at risk of becoming homeless
  • Parenting issues
  • Family mediation and advocacy
  • Stress management


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